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Created by Colorado College students Ellen Levish (Editor), Mercedes Whitman (Editorial Assistant), Maeve O’Connor-Bethune (Journalist), Swetha Charles (Journalist), and Maria Gebelein (Graphic Designer)–Block 7 2013

“We’re here to celebrate diversity in the feminist movement, and hope to persuade those people who feel ambiguous or uncertain that feminists really do come in all shapes and sizes. Even though women, as a group, ‘have no past, no history, no religion of their own; and they have no such solidarity of work and interest such as that of the proletariat’ (de Beauvoir 165), we at aFeminist Magazine wish to promote goals to benefit all women. The fight for gender egalitarianism is not one-size-fits-all. We are here to look towards a common future where all genders, races and creeds are treated with respect.”
–Ellen Levish, Editor

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