Block 7 2012

Created by Colorado College students Tram Ha (Editor), Maddie Goldman (Journalist), and Charlotte Allyn (Journalist)–Block 8 2012

“We began our issue by asking ourselves: What does it mean to be a housewife? Our introspection and research revealed that while feminists have made progress for women, our ideas about what makes a good mother and wife remains suspended in time. This issue hopes to make progress on how we view housewives and to challenge ideas about a woman’s ‘natural’ place. Our articles will address a number of issues that housewives today face: familial happiness, representation in the media, and even political rhetoric surrounding their occupation. Gender roles and social stigma still surround and influence what it means to be a housewife. Our writers challenged themselves to think outside the box, and we hope you are up to the challenge too.”
–Tram Ha, Editor

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