Block 7 2012

Created by Colorado College students Maggie Deadrick (Editor), Peter Shuldiner (Journalist), Carmen Rodi (Journalist), and Natalie Dupille (Graphic Designer)–Block 8 2012

Queeries is a project that is meant to contest culture and nature, and allow what is considered abnormal to find a place where it is considered normal.  Queeries is a safe space for people who feel like they are always battling culture and nature to finally feel at one with the forces.  And Queeries is a window for those who consider themselves accepting on the outside, but don’t feel it on the inside, to learn and grow into truly understanding humans.  Thank you for taking the time to open this magazine; our readers are our first step toward success, and we’re glad you’re taking this journey with us.”
–Margaret S. Deadrick, Editor

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