Guns & Rosie

Guns and Rosie

Created by Grace Montesano (Editor), Caleigh Cassidy (Editorial Assistant), Jazlyn Andrews (Journalist), Alex Welch (Journalist), Julia Wood (Journalist), and Julia Cotter (Graphic Designer) during Block 6 2015

Guns and Rosie is a magazine for women in the military to read and relate to, because no matter what our theories about the military, the women on the ground need a place of sisterhood to deal with this taxing occupation. This magazine has a focus on theory surrounding the struggle real women are going through. This emphasis is important if we hope to change the ways women are treated in the military. In this inaugural issue, we hope to contextualize some aspects of military life in theories that try to understand reality. Whether that is examining sexual assault, racist regulations, or transgender rights, the theories that help explain these phenomena are the first step toward changing them.”
—Grace Montesano, Editor

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