Created by Alejandra Hernandez (Editor), Amelia Eskenazi (Journalist), Cheanna Gavin (Journalist), and Lila Schmitz (Graphic Designer) during Block 6 2016

Artisan aims to cultivate a space where these subjugated knowledges can flourish. Artisan targets young adults, who identify as woman or gender non-conforming and wish to see more works of art created by them for them. How you may ask? Here at Artisan, we strive to share creative works of art with you, including but not limited to poetry, paintings, literature, and music. As Gloria Anzaldúa points out, ‘For many of us acts of writing, painting, performance, and filming are acts of deliberate and desperate determination to subvert the status quo. Creative acts are forms of political activism […] for resisting dominant cultural norms and are not merely aesthetic exercises. We build culture as we inscribe in these various forms.’ Using a feminist perspective, we aspire to seek, explore, and critique works of art that do feminist work in hopes of showing you, our reader, that feminism can go beyond the walls of a classroom. Artisan hopes to spur and inspire new thoughts and conversations. Our team strives to create a space that spotlights, shares, and celebrates powerful works of art dedicated to empower women and gender non-conforming individuals.”
—Alejandra Hernandez, Editor


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