Green Queen

Created by Sam Saccomanno (Editor), Anna Regan (Journalist), Susie Simmons (Journalist), and Ivy Wappler (Graphic Designer) during Block 6 2016

GREEN QUEEN is directed towards all people, not just those who identify as women. Historically, ecofeminism has been dominated by middle class white women, which has proven to limit its effectiveness. In our magazine, we aim to create a safe place for all people to read and learn about ecofeminism! Ecofeminism means different things to different people and it is not a unidirectional movement. We hope that GREEN QUEEN provides the necessary information to learn about ecofeminism in a non-gender restricting way and also provides the tools to define ecofeminism for yourself! We hope you enjoy reading our first issue of GREEN QUEEN as much as we enjoyed putting it together!”
—Sam Sage Saccomanno

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