About Ray: Preserving the Focus of Transgender Narratives

By Meron Afutu, Kai Cintorino, Sam Herman, Camilla Fuller, Isaac Rubinstein, Doe Schall (Block 2 2017)

About Ray (Original Print)“The significance of family trumps the difference between Ray and his female authority figures. By assuring the viewers that ‘change is relative,’ advertisers appeal to a universal appreciation of family, while assuring us of its unity and cohesion. It assures the audience that Ray’s transition is a blip in the history of the family, not an event that is due any justice on its own, separate from family drama and the continuity of the matriarchal line.”

About Ray (New Print)“Ray’s binder arrives in the mail, and we see Ray happily playing their ukulele in their new binder, and a few shots of Ray and their mother lovingly interacting. The trailer ends with the same scene as the original trailer, where Ray’s grandmother says in reference to Ray: ‘I still vote lesbian.’ Our trailer once again affirms Ray as the predominant voice in their own narrative, snapping back at their grandmother: ‘Who says you get a vote?’

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