RomaniPhen: Rromnja Archiv

Stoetzer (Lam)

Photo Credit: Britta Lam

This podcast—led and produced by Kendall Stoetzer—examines our visit with Hajdi Barz and Isidora Randjelović at the RomaniPhen: Rromnja Archiv. According to the archivists, “RomaniPhen is a self-organized, feminist Rromani project. A digital and real platform to spread different forms of ideas and knowledge from feminist Rromani perspective: Rromani texts, analysis, perspectives and dialogues from the past and the present, international perspectives, sometimes multilingual, audio and video, with pop cultural as well as activist and scientific contributions. We do events, do research and write about Rrom*nja who discuss their views on the world. We collect writings, sound and images for today and tomorrow, against the denial, slander and gadjé appropriation of Rromani history.”

Photo I

Photo Credit: Kendall Stoetzer

Kendall, a Denver, CO native, is a junior at Colorado College majoring in Sociology and minoring in Studio Art. She is passionate about finding the intersections between visual art and social issues, and is also interested in languages, having taken Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, German, and Spanish in her time at Colorado College. In her free time, she enjoys dog spotting and cloud watching.

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Photo Credit: Kendall Stoetzer

Joining Kendall in the discussion are Kai Mesman-Hallman—a junior from San Diego, CA, who is majoring in Psychology at Colorado College, and Maggie Mehlman—a junior from Denver, CO, who is majoring in Mathematics at Colorado College.

NOTE: The featured image photo credit also belongs to Kendal Stoetzer.

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