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This podcast—led and produced by Drew Ceglinski—examines our session with Dome Ravina and Jonatan of Lambda’s Queer@School project. According to the Lambda website, Queer@School is “a group of different people—some of us go to school while others attend university, do an apprenticeship or something completely different. Each of us experiences different forms of discrimination and privilege in our own environment. However, some things connect us. We are all young and we are ready for equality. That’s why every week we meet again and talk together about how we can sensitize and empower young people. In doing so, we focus on homophobia and hostility, but at the same time we think in an intersectional way—so we also try to look at other forms of discrimination.”

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Photo Credit: Drew Ceglinski

Andrew Ceglinski—who goes by Drew, because Andrew “sounds too serious” and his grandpa’s name was Andy—was born in Beverly, MA to a Quaker family, and moved to Bath, Maine when he was six. He graduated from Morse High School in 2015, and is now a Geology major and German minor at Colorado College. He’s been a swimmer his whole life, and he came out as gay in summer 2014. He is very passionate about two things: paleontology and brightly-colored pants (not pictured).

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Photo Credit: Drew Ceglinski

Joining Drew in his discussion are Kai Mesman-Hallman—a San Diego, CA native and junior at Colorado College majoring in psychology, and Kendall Stoetzer—a junior from Denver, CO majoring in Sociology with a minor in Art Studio.

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