Things to Pack for Berlin!

Dinner Cruise

The 2017 #FemGeniusesinBerlin

Passport (eCopy and Hard Copy)
Driver’s License or State ID (eCopy and Hard Copy)
Insurance Card(s) (eCopy and Hard Copy)
Cell Phone | Charger(s) | External Battery Pack(s)
Laptop | Tablet | Charger(s)
Headphones | Air Pods
Adapter Converter(s)
Writing Utensils | Paper
Toiletries (e.g., Soap, Wash Cloth | Body Scrubber, Deodorant, Hair Products, Lotion, Toothbrush | Toothpaste | Floss | Mouthwash, Nail Kit, Q-Tips | Cotton Balls, Razors, Tampons | Maxi Pads | Pantiliners)
Vitamins | Medication
Walking Shoes | Sneakers
Umbrella | Rain Jacket | Rain Boots
Swim Wear | Beach Towel
Water Bottle

Note: Many items can be purchased in Berlin at reasonable prices if you forget things.

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