Queer Spice: A Queer Intersectional Manifesto Zine

By Cameron Bacher, Clay Bessire, Kathryn Chase, and Maureen Dunn

For one of the class assignments in Introduction to Queer Studies (FG114 Spring 2019) with Professor Rushaan Kumar, student groups produced Intersectional Queer Manifestos in the tradition of The Femme Shark Manifesto, the Transfeminist Menifesto, and so on. Please note that the student-created projects on this site do NOT represent research findings and/or generalizable knowledge. Rather, these projects represent these students’ pursuit of knowledge and creativity.


bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_001bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_002bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_003bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_004bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_005bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_006bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_007bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_008bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_009bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_010bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_011bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_012bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_013bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_014bessireclay_11482_636363_queer spize zine-1_015

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