Like Fine Wine: Reclaiming Sexuality Later in Life

Created by Logan Smith (Editor), Grace Tumavicus (Journalist), Alanna Jackson (Journalist), and Nadia Hill (Graphic Designer) during Block 5 2021

“When my mother went through menopause, she did not tell me—the tampons underneath her sink just disappeared one day. When I asked her why she’d gotten rid of them, she simply said she didn’t need them anymore and never brought it up again. She made menopause seem like it wasn’t a big deal. When I learned that menopause can last for years, cause women severe discomfort, and greatly impact their sex lives and the way they are perceived by the rest of society, I was shocked that my mother didn’t complain about it more often. Menopause, aging female bodies, and older women’s sexuality are topics that are not widely discussed, often engendering feelings of discomfort when brought up. Welcome to the first edition of Like Fine Wine, a safe space devoted to honoring and exploring aging female bodies and what makes them feel good.”
—Logan Smith, Editor

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