FGS Senior Spotlights

Join us in celebrating the FGS graduating seniors!

Hi, my name is Cameron Bacher (she/her) and I’m from Santa Cruz, California. I came to FGS through Dr. Lewis’ Intersectionality in Berlin course. That was truly an amazing experience and allowed me to see first had what community building and activism looks like abroad. I am infinitely grateful for all that FGS has taught me and for the support, intentionality, and wisdom of the department. My senior capstone will focus on comedy, specifically improv and the ways in which it can be used as a site for community building and exploring the embodiment of intersectional and anti-carceral feminisms.


Lauren Hough

she her hers

I was raised in Bend, Oregon. My journey in FGS started in the first block out of my FYE in Intro to Queer Studies with Dr. Kumar which rocked my world completely. That class, and all of the FGS classes I’ve taken following that, have made me grow, challenged my conceptions of myself and the world we live in, and have been spaces where I’ve built community at CC. For all these reasons, choosing to major felt like an obvious choice. I feel so grateful to the FGS professors, majors, and minors for building classroom spaces that are caring and supportive. And, for creating unforgettable experiences like Dr. Lewis’ summer course “Hidden Spaces, Hidden Narratives: Intersectionality Studies in Berlin”. This year, I’ll be working on my Capstone project, focusing on the work and activism of contemporary herbalists in the U.S. I’ll (hopefully) be conducting interviews and making a digital zine as a part of that project. I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone in the department more this year, and watching everyone’s Capstone projects bloom.

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