In Audre’s Footsteps: The Introduction

Most of the conversations [in In Audre’s Footsteps] happened at kitchen tables or over meals to reflect the true nature of our friendships and honor the traditions set forth by the elders and ancestors who continue to make our cultural, political, and personal work possible. With In Audre’s Footsteps, we offer ourselves as another “communication network” in service to “the struggles for freedom of all our peoples.” In doing so, we grapple with the contours of solidarity, friendship, processes of radicalization, critical pedagogy, the challenges of building and resisting simultaneously, romantic partnership, motherhood, knowledge production and dissemination, and so very much more. We do this not to provide answers or solutions. We do this not in pursuit of sameness. We do this to generate ideas and questions. We do this to nurture the kind of dialogue that has sustained us. We do this, because as Audre points out in Showing Our Colors, “To successfully battle the many faces of institutionalized racial oppression, we must share the strengths of each other’s vision as well as the weaponries born of particular experience. First, we must recognize each other.”
—Dr. Heidi R. Lewis from the “Introduction,” In Audre’s Footsteps: Transnational Kitchen Table Talk

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