In Audre’s Footsteps: Chapter One

Creating Spaces to Fully Express Our Blackness:
A Conversation with Katja Kinder, Peggy Piesche, Prof. Dr. Maisha Maureen Auma of Generation Adefra: Black Women in Germany

Katja Kinder, Eki Ani, Dr. Heidi R. Lewis, Prof. Dr. Maisha Auma, Deborah G. Moses-Sanks, and Peggy Piesche

Generation Adefra is a socio-cultural space defined by and for Black women and gender independent people, whose contribution to social movements is often minimized if not rendered invisible. Their focus is on creating movement spaces that aim to connect Black lives while honoring their complexities, intersectionality, diversity and differences. Movement spaces are often romanticized and examined through rose-colored glasses as spaces of common understanding and unity, but how can we connect across differences in space, time, and identity, particularly when we’re in conflict with each other? How do we create spaces in which we are able to express our Blackness fully?

When we share our stories with each other, it’s vital that we be vulnerable. I can’t listen through layers upon layers in order to understand that person’s core. Their vulnerability has to be shown before they can be fully heard. Then, even if I don’t agree with what that person is saying, I can at least take what they are saying seriously.
—Katja Kinder

This question of how we as a community, as a collective, can envision a future which is borne out of intergenerational love and love for community allows us to survive the atrocities in the physical places in which we live. The older I get, the more I see how imperative it is to work from a strong foundation of love for community. From there we can build our own chosen families. Here I’m able to achieve a feeling I couldn’t within my own biological family. That love is political.
—Peggy Piesche

We are taught not to love blackness, not to love ourselves, and we are also taught not to give each other dignity. It’s becoming clearer to me that actually seeing each other with tenderness, to experience those small moments of Black joy that are part of our daily routine, are incredibly important. Yes, there’s that foundation of love, but it’s also a foundation of Black joy.
—Prof. Dr. Maisha Auma

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