Logistics of Performance and Audience in American Prom

  By Christie Ma What was Idris’ creative process, I wonder? How was that tampered with, hindered, and enhanced by the space and people available? For instance, a five-person cast where three members played multiple characters, both seemed laborious and efficient, given they were minor characters. This limitation on the growth of character interactions and […]

XY Magazine

“Here at XY, we feel that sex education for men has been unacceptably overlooked. Abstinence-only education is just not adequate, especially since ‘increasing emphasis on abstinence education is positively correlated with teenage pregnancy and birth rates.” Good sex education should encourage all people to feel comfortable with their bodies and give them proper information to […]

Celebrating FGS Seniors

Please help us in celebrating the 2019 Feminist and Gender Studies minors: D Adams, Kathryn Chase, Abby Diess, Madi Doerre, Lauren Larrabee, and Jabu Ndlovu  and the 2019 FGS Majors: Amelia Eskenazi, Eden Lumerman, Christie Ma, and Niyat Ogbazghi     In their time at CC, Amelia has been involved with FemCO, Relations: The Play, and is currently […]

The Period Policy

By Christie Ma In March, Coexist CIC, a Bristol firm, announced plans for the implementation of a “period policy,” wherein staff who menstruate would be enabled to work on a flexible schedule, taking time off during their period and making it up later. Having witnessed employees doubled over in pain yet unable to get restorative rest […]

Iota Iota Iota (Triota)

In 2011, the Feminist & Gender Studies Program (FGS) developed the Student Advisory Council (SAC), which provided FGS majors and minors with myriad opportunities to serve as leaders within the program. In August 2016, FGS revised the SAC after becoming an official chapter (Delta Mu) of Iota Iota Iota (Triota), a National Women’s Studies Honor Society […]