My research primarily focuses on Feminist Theory, Politics, and Discourse (particularly Black Feminism), Hip Hop Culture (especially rap music), and Critical Media Studies. I’ve published in The Cultural Impact of Kanye West, the Journal of Popular Culture, the Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, and Unteilbar: Bündnisse gegen Rassismus. I’m also the author of forthcoming essays that examine […]

Guns & Rosie

“Guns and Rosie is a magazine for women in the military to read and relate to, because no matter what our theories about the military, the women on the ground need a place of sisterhood to deal with this taxing occupation. This magazine has a focus on theory surrounding the struggle real women are going […]

The Dragon Lady Has Landed: Tired Tropes of Asian American Women in Fresh off the Boat

By Jazlyn Andrews (FGS ’16) NOTE: This article is an extended version of the article published in the Block 3 2015 issue of The Monthly Rag. Fresh Off the Boat, an ABC sitcom based on the story of chef and author Eddie Huang, has been heralded as bringing visibility to Asian American families for the first […]

Iota Iota Iota (Triota)

In 2011, the Feminist & Gender Studies Program (FGS) developed the Student Advisory Council (SAC), which provided FGS majors and minors with myriad opportunities to serve as leaders within the program. In August 2016, FGS revised the SAC after becoming an official chapter (Delta Mu) of Iota Iota Iota (Triota), a National Women’s Studies Honor Society […]

Introducing the 2015 FemGeniuses in Berlin

An introduction to the 2015 FemGeniuses in Berlin: Breana Kathleen Taylor, Thabiso Ratalane, Spencer Spotts, Jade Frost, Jazlyn Andrews, Lyric Jackson, Mackenzie Murphy, Meredith Bower, Samantha Gilbert, Willa Rentel, DeAira Cooper, Jessica Crane, Nia Abram, Dezerae Terrell, and Aishah Shahidah Simmons.