Out of Line

“We at Out of Line recognize that existing in liminal and/or undefined spaces is an act that requires immense courage. We understand that it is easy to fall trap to normative guidelines and that we ‘line ourselves up to avoid the consequences of being out of line because we have been there and we can’t […]

Introducing the 2015 FemGeniuses in Berlin

An introduction to the 2015 FemGeniuses in Berlin: Breana Kathleen Taylor, Thabiso Ratalane, Spencer Spotts, Jade Frost, Jazlyn Andrews, Lyric Jackson, Mackenzie Murphy, Meredith Bower, Samantha Gilbert, Willa Rentel, DeAira Cooper, Jessica Crane, Nia Abram, Dezerae Terrell, and Aishah Shahidah Simmons.


Meeting with Cassandra Ellerbe-Dück

By Stefani Messick Froh Donnerstag! Or for you American people (like myself), Happy Thursday! The morning air was brisk and the passengers on the train were buzzing. I take that back. The American students onboard were the most visibly excited – cracking jokes, catching up on the day’s reading, and fawning over the lush, German […]


Rain, Towers, Rainbows, and New Beginnings

By Stefani Messick It would feel more realistic to say that it was six months ago that I stepped off the plane to find myself in Germany’s capital; as I blog, however, it has been 21 days. The experiences I have shared with my peers in this short amount of time will remain pertinent and […]


Meeting w/ Katharina Oguntoye of Joliba Interkulturelles Netzwerk

By Stefani Messick Our morning began with an invigorating discussion with Jamile da Silva from S.U.S.I. We conversed about the overt and subtle forms of racism she has encountered since moving to Germany, and the momentum carried the FemGeniuses through to the afternoon. As we made our way down to the now-familiar U-Bahn station, the […]