Critical Media Studies

FG212 at Raizes

Raízes|Roots: Transformations in Contemporary Brazilian Art during Block 2 2017


In FG212 | RM200 | FM205 Critical Media Studies, students explore how gender, race, sexuality, class, citizenship, and other social, cultural, and political markers are constructed in media, including counter-hegemonic media texts. They also examine the ways audiences resist and reproduce dominant media narratives.



Final Project Index

For the final project, students critique existing print and audiovisual media then create new media addressing the problems they’ve identified. These projects do not represent research findings and|or generalizable knowledge. Rather, they represent students’ pursuit of knowledge.

Block 1 2023

Block C 2023

Block C 2021

Block 4 2018

Block 2 2017

Block 4 2016

Block 5 2016

Block 4 2014

Block 2 2012


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