Feminist Theory

FG200 with Talithia Williams

Block 6 2018 with Dr. Talithia Williams, the First Guest of the Inaugural #FemSTEM Symposium

FG200 Feminist Theory surveys and historicizes feminist theories, including, but not limited to, Black feminism, Transnational feminism, Xicanisma, Marxist feminism, Transfeminism, and Ecofeminism. This course encourages students to understand feminist theory as a multivocal intellectual project grounded in shifting geopolitical conjunctures.

Quenette Walton

Block 6 2018 Converging with Professor Chantal Figueroa Bou-Aziz’s Global Women’s Health Class during a Visit with Dr. Quenette L. Walton

Final Project Index

For the final project in FG200 with Professor Heidi R. Lewis, student groups produce feminist magazines in the tradition of Ms.BustOut, and others. Along those lines, please note that the student-created projects on this site do NOT represent research findings and/or generalizable knowledge. Rather, these projects represent these students’ pursuit of knowledge.

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