Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies

FYE 2017 II

FYE 2017 Playing #MatchtheFeminisms

FG110 Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies introduces the theories and methodologies constitutive of Feminist & Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary field that examines the historical, contemporary, and always changing relationships between power and markers of identity, such as gender, sexuality, race, class, nation, dis/ability, and citizenship. Informed by the legacies of the civil rights, student, labor, LGBTQ, and women’s movements, this course encourages reflection on student participation in institutions of power and privilege, as well as their role in affecting change.

FYE 2017

Kayah Swanson (Communications & Outreach Coordinator at TESSA), Melissa Marts (Executive Director of Women’s Resource Agency), and Danielle Summerville (Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters) with the 2017 FYE

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For the final project in FG110 with Professor Heidi R. Lewis, student groups produce 8 to 10-minute thesis-driven video essays that creatively explores any topic related to the course. Along those lines, please note that the student-created projects on this site do NOT represent research findings and/or generalizable knowledge. Rather, these projects represent these students’ pursuit of knowledge.

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