In “boundless and outrageous,” the late May Ayim writes, “i will be african | even if you want me to be german | and i will be german | even if my blackness does not suit you.” This passage communicates both the distinctions between and complexities of identity and subjectivity, especially regarding subjugated people in Germany. Through myriad multidisciplinary critical frameworks—such as Black Feminism, Transnational Feminism, and Critical Race Theory—FG214 | RM200 | GR220 Hidden Spaces, Hidden Narratives: Intersectionality Studies in Berlin examines the perspectives of Black Germans, Jewish Germans, Turkish Germans, migrants, refugees, victims of Neo-Nazi terrorism, victims of police brutality, Queer Germans, and other subjugated people, particularly their experiences with racism, heterosexism, colonialism, imperialism, and other forms of oppression.

Students must view the 12m webinar and review the FAQs (both linked below) before applying. After submitting applications via SUMMIT, applicants must schedule a 10m interview (also by clicking the link below). For more information about off-campus study, click here.

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Final Project Index

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Summer 2023 PhotoJournals

German Colonialism Walking Tour with Josephine Apraku | Neues Museum | Jewish History & Culture Walking Tour with Adam Schonfeld | German Resistance Memorial | Under the Berlin Wall Walking Tour with Berliner Unterwelten | Die Mauer asisi Panorama | Graffiti & Street Art Walking Tour with Alternative Berlin | Urban Nation Museum | Queer Berlin Walking Tour with Mal Pool | Schwules*Museum | Poverty & Solidarity Walking Tour with Stefan Zollhauser | Museum des Kapitalismus | Graffiti Workshop with Berlin Massive | Several Days in the Life of the #FemGeniusesinBerlin

Summer 2022 Multimedia Blogs

The RomaniPhen Feminist Archive + the Romanja Power Walking Tour with Estera Iordan | A Conversation with Jasmin Eding | Jewish History & Culture Walking Tour + Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt with Adam Schonfeld | BlackEurope: The Beginnings of Black Self-Organization in Europe | German Colonialism Walking Tour with Josephine Apraku + the Neues Museum | A Conversation with Sharon Dodua Otoo | The Wall Museum + the Berliner Unterwelten Tour | Blackness in America and Europe: Where the Grey Space Exists | A Conversation with Dana Maria Asbury, Mona El Omari, and Iris Rajanayagam | Graffiti & Street Art Walking Tour + the Urban Nation Museum | A Conversation with Judy Lynne Fisher | Queer Berlin Walking Tour w/ Mal Pool + the Schwules*Museum | A Street Art Workshop with Berlin Massive

Summer 2019 Podcasts

Jewish Berlin Walking Tour | Topography of Terror | Jasmin Eding | German Colonialism Walking Tour | Each One Teach One e.V. | RAA e.V. | RomaniPhen e.V. | Pořajmos Walking Tour | Synchronicity with Sharon Dodua Otoo | Rebellious Berlin Walking Tour | FHXB Museum | The Memorial to the Homosexuals Persecuted under the National Socialist Regime | Queer Berlin Walking Tour | Schwules* Museum | Trans*sexworks | Graffiti Workshop with Berlin Massive | Urban Nation Museum for Urban Contemporary Art | Street Art & Graffiti Walking Tour

IMG_8271Summer 2018 Podcasts

Jewish History & Culture Walking Tour and the Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand | ReachOut Berlin | Examining German Colonialism | Joliba Interkulturelles Netzwerk | Romanja Power and Cultural Preservation at the RomaniPhen Feminist Archive | Talking Feminisms on Reboot.FM | 1968 and the Berlin Wall | Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh | The Queer Berlin Walking Tour and Visit to the Schwules Museum | LesMigraS | Street Art & Graffiti Walking Tour and the Urban Nation Museum

File Dec 04, 8 48 13 PMFall 2017 Podcasts

Jewish History & Culture Walking Tour | Das Verbogene Museum | Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum S.U.S.I. | Women’s Perspective Walking Tour | Jüdisches Museum Berlin | Jewish AntiFa Berlin | Berliner Unterwelten | BlackBox Cold War Exhibition | Generation ADEFRA | Queer Berlin Walking Tour | Queer City: Stories from São Paulo | A Right to Mourn; A Right to Monument | The Spirit of 1968 Walking Tour | Reframing Worlds: Mobilität und Gender aus Postkolonial Feministischer Perspektive | Queer@School | RomaiPhen: Rromanja Archiv | Reflections on the Asian Diaspora in Germany | Street Art Workshop & Tour

CheersSummer 2017 Blogs

#FemGeniusesinBerlin 2017: Our First Two Days | Taking Down the Wall of Religious Intolerance: Jewish History in Berlin | Gladt and SAWA with Salma: Representation in Political Social Work | The Anne Frank Museum and Its Place in Contemporary Germany | The Told and Untold Stories of Berlin: A Walk-Through History | Navigating White Spaces: An Intersectional Analysis of Activist Work by Men of Color | Africa in Wedding: Germany’s Colonial Past | A Young Jew’s First Weekend in Berlin | A Permanent Home for Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg’s History: The FHXB Museum | The Porajmos: The Hidden Narratives of the Roma and Sinti | Writing Ourselves into the Discourse: The Legacies of Audre Lorde and May Ayim | A Day in Amsterdam: Seeking the Voices at the Margins | “Nobody Flees without a Reason”: A Walk Through Berlin’s Queer History | Memorialization: The Past in the Present and Why it Is Important Today | ADNB des TBB: Intersectionality and Empowerment in Anti-Discrimination Support Work | Mauerpark: Graffiti as Art

IMG_0192 (2)Summer 2016 Blogs

The Ghost of the Third Reich: Educating Ourselves about Berlin | The Wall | Difference is Key: Audre Lorde and Afro-Germans | Jewish History Walking Tour | Katharina Oguntoye and the Joliba Intercultural Network | Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years | Marketing Narratives and Misplacing Others: Queer Berlin Tour | Generation ADEFRA 2.0: How Creativity & Collectivity Intersect | Queer Spaces and Clubbing Culture in Berlin | Activism: To the Blogosphere and Beyond! | Little Istanbul: Our Walking Tour through Kreuzberg | Witnessing Powerful Art: A Converstaion with the Editors of Winter Shorts | Superqueeroes at the Schwules* Museum | Hidden and Recovered Narratives: Women in the Center of Berlin Tour | Our Second Weekend in Berlin | Beware of the Street Signs: The Hidden Realities of Colonialism in Berlin | Reaching Out in the Fight against Violence | Building a Community of Voices from Silence | Empowerment, or Help as Needed | Challenging the Discourse of “Ally” | The Power of Our Own Spaces: A Conversation on Colonialism and Belonging with Iris Rajanayagam, Melody Ledwon, and Mona El Omari

KwesiSummer 2015 Blogs

Finding their Presence: A Woman’s Perspective Tour of Berlin | I’m My Own Flower: Stefanie-Lahya Ndeshipewa Aukongo on Intersectionality, Resistance, and Belonging | Understanding Black Studies in Germany with Dr. Maisha Auma | Beware of the Green Spaces: A Jewish History Tour with Carolyn Gammon | The Jewish Museum: Forced into Exile Workshop | #BlackLivesMatter All Over the World: Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh | What Is Racism?: A Discussion with Sandrine Micossé-Aikins | Student Resistance: Germany in the 1960s | Where You Reside?: Postcolonial Performance in Berlin with Salma | I Am Not Your Idea of Me with Sharon Dodua Otoo | “Not So Tangible but Still Real!”: LesMigraS and Intersectional Anti-Violence Work in Berlin | Jasmin Eding and ADEFRA: On Self-Definition and Empowerment | Stories of Blackness with Asoka Esuruoso and Noah Hofmann | Dismantling Structural Racism: Kwesi Aikins on Politics in a Postcolonial Society | Consumption of Culture: A Trip to the KENAKO Afrika Festival | Ignorance Is Never Bliss: Our Turkish Tour Experience | Freedom Summer, Selma, & Federal Civil Rights Legislation: Black History in Berlin with Professor Rebecca Brückmann | “I Want You to Listen to My Story!”: An Afternoon with Mutlu Ergün-Hamaz | Misrepresenting a Colonial Past: The Africa in Wedding Tour with Josephine Apraku | What It Is and What It Ain’t: Tour of the Neues Museum | Breaking Down Barriers: A Discussion with Noah Sow | A Visit to Gedenkstätte Deutscher Widerstand | Resistance through Art: The FemGeniuses Do Graffiti with Berlin Massive | “Hier ist’s richtig!”: Creating and Dominating Queerness in Berlin | Site Seeing (and Thinking, Analyzing, Understanding, etc.)

FemGeniuses LateSummer 2014 Blogs

The New Berlin Walking Tour | Zanele Muholi at the Schwules* Museum | Meeting with Ika Hügel-Marshall | Meeting with Dagmar Schultz and Ria Cheatom | Lamda Berlin and Queer@School | Meeting with Cassandra Ellerbe-Dück | ReachOut Berlin with Biplab Basu | The Struggle against Racism in Britain (1976-2012): Its Implications for Justice and Democracy with Paul Gilroy | Our First Weekend in Berlin | Riots Reframed and Absent from the Academy: An Homage to Stuart Hall | Africa in Wedding | Convergence Class with Professor Rebecca Brückmann at Freie Universität | Heike Radvan and the Antonio Amadeu Stiftung | German Society for Trans Identity and Intersexuality | A Talk with Jamile da Silva e Silva of S.U.S.I. | Meeting with Katharina Oguntoye of Joliba Interkulturelles Netzwerk | Nadine Saeed and Katrin Julien of the Initiative in Memory of Oury Jalloh | Meeting with Elizabeth Olayinka Adekunle of the African Women & Youth Organization | The “Alternative City” Tour | Wannsee Lake, Theorizing Race and Racism, and the Carnival of Cultures: Our Second Weekend in Berlin | Berlin from Below: Dark Worlds | Meeting Sharon Dodua Otoo and Discussing the Witnessed Series | Daniel Gyamerah and Each One Teach One | Dissens: Work on Masculinity, Feminism, and Working with Perpetrators | Museum für Naturkunde | (Emerging) Fat Activism in Germay with Fat Up! | Dis/continuities of Racism and Whiteness from the 1950s until Today | Schloss Charlottenburg | Racialized Representations of Women in U.S. Media at Frauenkreise Berlin | Rain, Towers, Rainbows, and New Beginnings | Kwaheri, Nzitu!

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