The Monthly Rag

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Judy Lynne Fisher (Feminist & Gender Studies ’20), Editor of The Monthly Rag

The Monthly Rag is a feminist newsletter at Colorado College that provides “a monthly flow” of feminist analyses of historical and contemporary news, interests, and ideas.

Click here to read past issues of The Monthly Rag. Please also “like” The Rag on Facebook.

The Rag only publishes work submitted by members of the Colorado College community. If you would like to submit to The Monthly Rag, please contact Editor Judy Fisher (FGS ’20) at

If you are interested in applying to serve as Editor Apprentice (unpaid) during the 2019-2020 academic year, please click here.

NOTE: The student-created projects on this site do NOT represent research findings and/or generalizable knowledge. Rather, these projects represent these students’ pursuit of knowledge.  

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