Some Final Thoughts on the 2014 #FemGeniusesInBerlin

Writing this was especially difficult. As a result, I’m so thankful that I asked the students to write blogs throughout our time in Berlin so that you all could follow our journey as it was happening. It was wonderful. Dreamy. Exciting. Adventurous. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that I don’t think […]


Dis/continuities of Racism and Whiteness from the 1950s until Today

By Kadesha Caradine A couple days ago, after stuffing our faces with pizza, the FemGeniuses watched a black and white film entitled Toxi (1952). When the character Toxi was introduced, it was hard not to think, “Aww! What a cute little girl!” Then, as the movie continues, the viewers learn that her cuteness, extreme politeness, […]


Heike Radvan and the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

By Kadesha Caradine Our day started earlier than usual, which seems like it caused the morning to go a little longer than usual. While it was interesting seeing the hustle of Berlinerson a week day, I was a bit uncomfortable being so close to strangers and occasionally bumping intothem due to the harsh stops of […]


Zanele Muholi at the Schwules Museum

By Kadesha Caradine Although this is not my first time traveling outside of the country, it has been my first opportunity to study abroad, and so far, Berlin has been an amazing experience. Today was a wet and gloomy day, but we were still able to interact with communities in Berlin that are usually kept […]


“Divide is dedicated to bridging the gap between white women and women of color in hopes of creating a discourse around race and feminism. In feminist circles of late, much is being said about the need to acknowledge differences in the lives of women and to aim towards a spiritual and functional unity not informing others […]