College Grrrl: An Alternative Magazine for the Liberal Arts Woman

College Grrrl

Created by Caroline Foley (Editor), Amy Valencia (Editorial Assistant), Jade Frost (Journalist), Willa Rentel (Journalist), and Spencer Spotts (Graphic Designer) during Block 6 2015

“College students deserve to see and read about issues that are unique to their experiences on campus and beyond, and deserve a space for their concerns to be validated and their activism to be empowered and encouraged. College Grrrl provides access to knowledge that is not immediately accessible on liberal arts college campuses, and empowers those who identify as women to acquire agency for change and improvement. College Grrrl is one of those spaces for those who identify as female on college campuses; it is a space where women are encouraged to liberate themselves through critical thinking, agency, empowerment, and raised awareness.”
—Caroline Foley, Editor

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Block 2012

Created by Colorado College students Alexis Sommerfield (Editor), Ashley Johnson (Editorial Assistant), Savannah Johnson (Journalist), Kenzie Mulligan-Buckmiller (Journalist), and Annika Davis (Graphic Designer)–Block 8 2012

“Our magazine attempts to make girls think critically about the world that they are part of and to reexamine how they view the media they are constantly subjected to.  This edition of Moxie examines the idea of purity and how society values it and how the media presents it.  It also looks at different products for menstruation in an attempt to normalize a natural phenomenon that occurs in the body.  Moxie hopes to prove to girls that they are beautiful the way they are and to value the world that they are part of.”
–Alexis Sommerfield, Editor

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