The Monthly Rag Block 6 2021


Created by Ella McMullin (Editor), Amanda Bradley (Journalist), Josie Ballew (Journalist), and Eloise Kelly (Graphic Designer)

“Whether you consider yourself a mother, have kids, are expecting, are parents, or are just curious, this space is for everyone, every body, and everymommy! Unlike other parenting or mothering magazines, MOMMY embraces the joys, challenges, and truths of being a mother.”
Ella McMullin, Editor

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Calling All Manic Pixie Dream Girls

Manic Pixie Dream GirlThis video, written and produced by Eloise Kelly, Salena Prinzmetal, Rachel Fitch, and Lili Wittier in FG110 Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies at Colorado College with Professor Heidi R. Lewis during Block 3 2018, encourages young women and girls to think more seriously about the implications of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope prevalent in Hollywood and independent films.