Art & Resistance: Wake Up and Resist Dystopia

Join us Thursday September 5 for Art and Resistance: Wake up and Resist Dystopia, a talk by Black, Black Foot Indigenous, Filipinx, Trans Feminine, multi-media insurrectionary artist, writer, autonomous community organizer, and cultural producer Edxie Betts in Tutt Lecture Hall.

Then join us at the Interdisciplinary House after the talk for the Feminist and Gender Studies welcome back reception starting at 5pm. 

Betts Promo

Check Yourself

Block 7 2013

Created by Colorado College students Rebecca Willey (Editor), Katharine Teter (Editorial Assistant), Anna Naden (Journalist), Tucker Hampson (Journalist), and Phoebe Parker-Shames (Graphic Designer)–Block 7 2013

“We titled this magazine Check Yourself, because we all need to be aware of our own particular privileges.  The purpose of our magazine is to raise awareness of the many kinds of privilege among college students who already identify as feminists. Sometimes we could all use a good privilege check.”
–Rebecca Willey, Editor

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New Leaf

Block 7 2013

Created by Colorado College students Ariane Beckman (Editor), Nicholas Johnson (Editorial Assistant), Hadar Zeigerson (Journalist), Jack Ahern (Journalist), and Heidi Flores (Graphic Designer)–Block 7 2013

“Ecofeminism tries to explain ‘why feminism and ecology need each other’ (King, 1989, p. 407).  Ecofeminism draws on the connections between the oppression of women and the oppression of nature and how, by studying these two similar oppressions, a strategy can be found to help both women and nature at the same time. Not only does ecofeminism want to identify and fight these systems of oppression, it also wants to ‘consciously choose not to sever the womannature connection’ (King, 1989, p. 410). Part of the reason women may be oppressed in the way they are, is that they are seen as closer to nature. ‘Since it is always culture’s project to subsume and transcend nature, if women were considered part of nature, then culture would find it ‘natural’ to subordinate, not to say oppress, them’ (Ortner, 1974, p. 204). New Leaf is trying to continue, and expand on, the discourse surrounding the issues of the environment and how they may more closely affect women. Whether or not women are closer to nature should not matter. People should not see nature as something weaker or as something that needs to be dominated.”

–Ariane Beckman, Editor

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Created by Colorado College students Anne Ireland (Editor), Melissa Barnes (Editorial Assistant), Kirby Leyshon (Journalist), Sam Smith (Journalist), and Kjersten Conway (Graphic Designer)–Block 7 2013

“So much of what exists in the magazine world for young to adolescent girls today is focused solely on fashion, music and pop culture. Don’t get me wrong – I love clothes and fashion – but there are also a lot of other things I love, such as expanding my horizons, learning new things, and meeting new people. We know you’re smart, and we know that you have a lot of different interests. Therefore, we wanted to create a space for you that we feel doesn’t exist elsewhere; we wanted to build a magazine that presents issues girls face from unique perspectives and encourages you (our awesome readers) to respond and discuss them with other girls. Scholar bell hooks explains, ‘Small groups remain an important place for education for critical consciousness…an especially important aspect of the small group setting is the emphasis on communicating feminist thinking, feminist theory, in a manner that can be easily understood.’ We want to inform you about subjects that can be interpreted through a feminist lens, for we strongly believe that girls are equal to boys. We want to have a conversation with you, and we want you to be able to interact with each other upon reading each issue. Thus, we have created online forums corresponding to each article within our pages so that you may participate in small group discussions. We welcome your critiques just as much as we welcome your support. We want to hear what YOU have to say.”
–Annie Ireland, Editor-in-Chief

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