FemSTEM Symposim featuring Cynthia Chapple



This year, the FemSTEM Symposium, co-organized and hosted by Professors Heidi R. Lewis, Director and Associate Professor of Feminist & Gender Studies, and Andrea Bruder, Chair and Associate Professor of Mathematics & Computer Science, will feature Cynthia Chapple, Research Chemist and Founder of Black Girls Do STEM (BGDS). BGDS is an organization that provides middle school aged Black girls opportunities to learn, create, and build confidence in their abilities to become STEM professionals while they are still curious and excited to learn new things. Cynthia’s keynote address is at 4 pm on Wednesday, December 11 in the Tutt Science Lecture Hall.


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Created by Emily McBride (Editor), Claire Hotaling (Editorial Assistant), Atiya Harvey (Journalist), Rani Corak (Journalist), and Kathryn Chase (Graphic Designer)

“We at STEMinist see you as fully capable young womxn, integral to a necessary transformation of the STEM disciplines. As Sandra Harding notes, we, as feminists, ‘have not yet given adequate attention to envisioning truly emancipatory knowledge-seeking.’ In other words, the purpose of the STEMinist mag is to encourage you not only to seek knowledge that historically has not been available to you, but to take charge of the way knowledge, and science, is produced and applied. You have so much power in shaping yourselves and the world you want to live in, and we at STEMinist want you to never forget it!”
—Emily McBride, Editor

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