No Chill

Created by Jess Martinez (Editor), Mahnoor Rehman (Journalist), Quattro Musser (Journalist), and Lucia Daranyi (Graphic Designer) in FG200 Feminist Theory during Block 6 2022

“This magazine emphasizes the interlocking systems of class, gender, and race-based oppression within climate change movements and the impacts of climate change on marginalized communities. As you may have noticed, our magazine uses various recycled materials and was constructed as a collage. We created our magazine in this way to repurpose old materials and demonstrate our dedication to our current climate crises.”
—Jess Martinez, Editor

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Body Silence

By Mahnoor Rehman

Every day I come back home to silence

Parts of my body shaking but there is no voice

Silent screams through my nerves

I feed myself – to feel no strength

Another day of being weak.


Heart warmed through

the artificially lit heater on my bedside.

Not cooked and crumbled in Ammi’s voice

Separate parts splitting inside me


Bitter coffee-flavored skin to look at

To suck at

Elevated heartbeat, deepening brown under my eyes

Thick hair dryness, soil in tears


Movements you say? I wish I could be elongated.

Wish calmness would possess me one day

Wish vulnerability would be vulnerable.