By Miles Marshall

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“Untitled” is an excerpt from Queer Space Invaders Manifesto written and illustrated by Emily Burnham, Mekael Daniel, Miles Marshall, and Halle Schall for Block 7 FG114 Introduction to Queer Studies taught by Dr. Rushaan Kumar. This course aims to use an interdisciplinary approach to wrestle with the changing nature of LGBT and Queer as categories and to develop a critical consciousness on LGBTQ issues that recognizes how gender and sexuality are informed by experiences of race, class, and nationality.


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Musiq+ Cover

Created by Miles Marshall (Editor), Mia Solberg (Editorial Assistant), Emma Caligor (Journalist), Kat Spencer (Journalist), and Eileen Huang (Graphic Designer)

“We recognize the radical potentiality of queerness. What better place to start these movements than music, an incredibly accessible art form that carries meaning and connects people? I love queerness, and I love music that represents queerness in all its rainbow glory. I, and the rest of the MUSIQ+ team, couldn’t be more excited for you to dive into the world of queer music. You’re here, and whether or not you’re queer, welcome to MUSIQ+!”
—Miles Marshall, Editor

Click here to read MUSIQ+! Also, scroll down for audio footage of the team’s fascinating interview with Selena the Chapel!

Musiq+ ToC

Sexpectations: Deconstructing Hegemonic Virginity Norms

For their final project in FG212/RM200/FM206 Critical Media Studies (Block 4 2018), Miles Marshall, Alethea Tyler, Elliott Williams, Olivia Petipas, and Marco Tapia critiqued print and audiovisual media representing MadeMyDay TV’s “6 Tips for Your First Time” and Society19‘s “11 Things To Expect Your First Time Having Sex.” For the new media creation portion of their project, they created a new poster, infomercial, and revised list. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see their presentation, which further explains their analytical and creation processes.

MadeMyDay TV Print

NOTE: This image was copied from Society19’s “11 Things To Expect Your First Time Having Sex.” Click here to view the list.

Marshall Print

NOTE: Click here to read “11 Things You Should Know for Your First Time Having Sex” by Elliott, Miles, Alethea, Olivia, and Marco! There’s even a cool Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure (pun intended)!