Created by Zianah Griffin (Editor), Paige Kahle (Journalist), Mckenna Ryan (Journalist), and Kate Nixon (Graphic Designer) in FG200 Feminist Theory during Block 6 2022

“Welcome to DRAGTOPIA!, a sickening, otherworldly drag magazine. As a team of queer students, we believe in amplifying the contributions of queer and trans people in the fight for a free, more joyful society. We focus on the brilliant world of drag because there are many rich historical and cultural contributions from drag communities and movements, from dance to makeup to consciousness building.”
—Zianah Griffin, Editor

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SevenQUEEN: The Ecofeminist Edition

Created by Pardes Lyons-Warren (Editor), Mazlyn Freier (Editorial Assistant), Carol Holan (Journalist), Rhetta Power (Journalist), and Mia Altenau (Graphic Designer)

“Our goal is to provide a relevant publication for you: the queer youth of America. We are inspired by the Riot Grrrl philosophy of craving ‘records and books and fanzines that speak to US that WE feel included in and can understand in our own ways’ (Bikini Kill 478). We know that there are a lot of
magazines targeted to teen girls, but we also know straight girls aren’t the only teens who want to read magazines. We’re here hoping to add something different to the mix, because we rarely felt spoken to or included.”
Pardes Lyons-Warren, Editor

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