TIMES Magayzine

Created by Isa Hussain (Editor), Maureen Dunn (Journalist), Sally Hedderman (Journalist), and Saluja Siwakoti (Graphic Designer)

“Welcome to the debut issue of TIMES Magayzine, the intergenerational queer magazine of our time—and yours, too! TIMES Magayzine engages discourse and discussion around queerness and queer-related issues as part of what may be perceived as ‘old’ news to some yet ‘new’ to others.”
—Isa Hussain, Editor

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Sexism in the Back of My Pickup Truck: Examining Gender Bias in Country Music

Luke Bryan

This video, written and produced by Liv Clifford, Tyrien Fixico, Saluja Siwakoti, Judy Wang, and Ruth Mekonnen during the First-Year Experience (FYE) section of FG110 Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies at Colorado College with Professor Heidi R. Lewis during Block 1 2017, explores sexism in country music with a particular focus on Luke Bryan’s “Country Girls (Shake It for Me),” RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls,” and Dierks Bentley’s “Different for Girls” featuring Elle King.