Iota Iota Iota (Triota)

2014 SAC Members Anna Naden and Savannah Johnson with Heidi at Admitted Student Open House in April 2015

2014 SAC Representatives Anna Naden and Savannah Johnson with Professor Heidi R. Lewis (Adviser) at Admitted Student Open House in April 2015

In 2011, the Feminist & Gender Studies Program (FGS) developed the Student Advisory Council (SAC), which provided FGS majors and minors with myriad opportunities to serve as leaders within the program.

In August 2016, FGS revised the SAC after becoming an official chapter (Delta Mu) of Iota Iota Iota (Triota), a National Women’s Studies Honor Society with over 50 chapters nationwide, “Iota” selected to represent three goddesses Inanna, Ishtar, and Isis. Triota strives to maintain the feminist values central to Women’s Studies and encourage diversity, egalitarianism, and a supportive academic environment for all students. Triota also encourages volunteerism, advocacy, and activism within the community as important methods for promoting and maintaining the feminist values central to Women’s Studies. The Delta Mu Colorado College chapter:

  • assists with The Monthly Rag by contributing at least one entry per year and by encouraging the submission of entries from students within and beyond FGS;
  • plans and implements programs (in collaboration with student organizations and other departments/programs), including, but not limited to, film screenings, sessions and panels, workshops, and guest speakers;
  • supports and represents FGS during on and off-campus events, such as New Student Orientation, Homecoming Weekend, Winter-Start Orientation, Open House, academic fairs, alumni events, and pre-registration;
  • develops and maintains networks with other feminist organizations at neighboring colleges and universities, the American Association of University Women (AAUW), and other Triota chapters, for example;
  • and represents FGS at the National Women’s Studies Association annual meeting.
The 2013-2014 Feminist & Gender Studies Student Advisory Council from L to R: Alexis Sommerfield, Rosie Nelson, and Melissa Barnes

L to R: Alexis Sommerfield, Rosie Nelson, and Melissa L. Barnes

We invite you to join Triota, if you are at least a second semester sophomore, have a GPA of 3.0 or above, have taken at least 6 credit hours in Feminist & Gender Studies (cross-listed courses count). If you are interested, please complete this brief online form. Then, bring your most recent transcript and one-time $10 lifetime membership fee (in the form of a personal or cashier’s check or money order) to Professor Heidi R. Lewis, Delta Mu Chapter Adviser, in the Interdisciplinary Studies (ID) House for submission to the Alpha chapter at Metropolitan State University in Denver. Then, stay tuned for forthcoming information.

For more information, please review the Delta Mu Chapter Constitution and/or contact the chapter at! Also, follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page!

Current and Former Triota Officers and SAC Representatives:

President Daya Stanley, Major (’22)
Vice President Sakina Bhatti, Major (’22)
Administrator Eileen Huang, Major (’22)

President Zivia Berkowitz, Major (’21)
Vice President Avia Hailey, Major (’22)
Administrator Miles Marshall, Major (’21)

President Judy Fisher, Major (’20)
Vice President Mekael Daniel, Major (’20)
Administrator Zivia Berkowitz, Major (’21)

President Niyat Ogbazghi (Fall ’18), Major (’19)
President (Fall ’18) and Vice President (Spring ’19) Eden Lumerman, Major (’19)
Vice President (Spring ’19) and Administrator (Fall ’18) Judy Fisher, Major and Rag Editor (’20)
Administrator Hailey Corkery (Spring ’19), Major (’20)

2017-2018 (Inaugural Triota Officers)
President Baheya Malaty, Major (’18)
Vice President Amelia Eskenazi, Major (’19)
Administrator (Fall ’17) Mari Young, Minor (’18)
Administrator (Spring ’18) Christie Ma, Major (’18)

2016-2017 (Final SAC Representatives)
Jazlyn Andrews, Major (’17)
Ivy Wappler, Major and Rag Editor (’18)
Salem Tewelde (Spring ’17), Major (’18)
Meredith Bower (Fall ’16), Minor (’18)

Kadesha Caradine, Major and Rag Editor (’16)
Kierlanya “Naya” Herman, FGS/Spanish Major (’16)
Kaimara Herron, Minor (’16)

Kadesha Caradine, Major and Rag Editor (’16)
Anna Naden, Major (’15)
Savannah Johnson, Minor (’15)

Alexis Sommerfield, Minor and Rag Editor (’15)
Rosie Nelson, FGS/History Major (’14)
Melissa L. Barnes, FGS/Psychology Major (’15)

Theresa “Tess” Gattuso, FGS/Political Science Major and Rag Editor (’15)
Margaret “Maggie” Deadrick, Major (’14)
Mackenzie “Kenzie” Mulligan-Buckmiller (Fall ’12), Minor (’15)
Carmen Rodi (Spring ’13), Minor (’13)

2011-2012 (Inaugural SAC Representatives)
Andi Ruybál, FGS/Psychology Major and Rag Editor (’12)
Natalie Dupille, Major (’13)
Toni Pizza, Minor (’12)