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By Heidi R. Lewis

When I became a Visiting Assistant Professor at Colorado College, I began thinking about ways to assign a final project that would allow me to assess the learning of 25 students without having to grade a TON of final essay pages at the end of the year.  [*Insert professor chuckle!*]  More importantly, though, I wanted the projects to be collaborative, one of the most important aspects of feminism, as well as creative and fun, two of the most important aspects of my pedagogy. In fact, I was reminded of the latter when a student who’d taken 3/4 courses with me during Spring 2012 commented, on my course evaluation, that she wished I would assign more creative final projects like I do during class sessions. So, I decided that the students would create feminist videos for FG 110 Introduction to Feminist & Gender Studies and feminist magazines in the tradition of Ms., Bitch, Bust, Out, or Mother Jones, to name a few, for FG 200 Feminist Theory.

FG 200 Introduction to Feminist Thought Student Magazines (Block 7 2013)

FG 200 Feminist Theory Student Magazines (Block 7 2013)

The inaugural magazines from FG 200 2012 were fantastic!  And because of that strong foundation, I knew that subsequent projects would be even better! The students did not disappoint.  After posting a picture of the Block 7 2013 magazines on Instagram and sharing it on Twitter and Facebook, I received a lot of questions about the projects! Family, friends, colleagues, and students wanted to read them! So, I created this site!

Even though I was bubbling with excitement about this site, it wasn’t my first time excitedly showcasing my students’ work on the internet. In 2012, I created the FemGeniuses YouTube channel, which (until recently) featured the final video projects my students created in FG 110 and part of the media projects my students created in FG 206/ES 200 Critical Media Studies. I eventually decided to move those projects to this site for uniformity’s sake.

Class with Sharon Outside

The Inaugural FemGeniuses in Berlin 2014 with Celine Barry, Course Assistant, and Sharon Dodua Otoo at Frauenkreise

As of 2013, portions of The Monthly Rag, a Feminist publication brought to you by the Feminist and Gender Studies Student Advisory Council at Colorado College, are also showcased on this site. Additionally, I recently taught FG 206/ES 200/GR 220 Hidden Spaces, Hidden Narratives: Intersectionality Studies in Berlin in Germany for the first time, and the students’ blogs, which they wrote throughout the course, are also posted here on the site and will continue to be as long as I’m able to teach the course.

FG 200 Introduction to Feminist Thought Student Magazines (Block 6 2014)

FG 200 Feminist Theory Student Magazines (Block 6 2014)

I do want to point out that while this site, like the YouTube channel, may feature work that is not created by CC students, it will focus primarily on showcasing the work of my students. Hence, I encourage you to view and discuss these projects, but ask that you do so with sincere consideration and respect.

To view the projects, click one of the categories to the right on your computer or below on your mobile device.

Thanks in advance!

Heidi R. Lewis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Feminist & Gender Studies
Colorado College

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NOTE: The student-created projects on this site do NOT represent research findings and/or generalizable knowledge. Rather, these projects represent these students’ pursuit of knowledge.  

8 thoughts on “About FemGeniuses

  1. Anna Williams says:

    I would like more information on your organization and information how to travel with your group.

    Anna Williams
    614-307-1009 Text & Phone
    Please send all notifications by Text too.


    • Hi Anna,

      Thanks for visiting the site! At present, the off-campus study opportunities I provide are only available to students at Colorado College where I teach. If any future, more expansive opportunities are made available, I’ll be sure to let the FemGeniuses family know!




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