Women’s Perspective Walking Tour


Selfie by Caroline Olin

This podcast—led and produced by Caroline Olin—examines our Women’s Perspective walking tour with Pen Hassmann. As noted by Hassmann, Director of Berlin Private Tours, “In this tour, we will take in the main sites of Berlin (as well as some a little more hidden), but we will talk about them from the female perspective. Sites include Rosenstrasse, the Lustgarten, Bebelplatz, the new governement quarter, Hitler’s bunker and much more.”


Photo Credit: Caroline Olin

Caroline is a senior majoring in Race, Ethnicity, and Migration Studies, and minoring in Feminist and Gender Studies. She takes interest in Japanese-American identity due to her own subjectivity, and also enjoys studying the representation of marginalized identities in literature, music, and popular culture, as well as Indigenous identities, cultures, and histories. Caroline enjoys singing in the B-Side Collective, playing her cello, being lazy, binge-watching Netflix, reading, and leaving her bed as rarely as possible. That said, Caroline is extremely excited to see all of the sights and spaces that Berlin has to offer and actively explore the city.


Photo Credit: Caroline Olin

Joining Caroline in her discussion about the tour are Wynter Scott—a Memphis, TN native and senior at Colorado College double-majoring in Sociology and Political Science, and and Judy Fisher—an Oklahoma native and sophomore at Colorado College majoring in Feminist and Gender Studies.

NOTE: The photo credit for the featured image also belongs to Caroline Olin.


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